20 january 2014 |


Basal implants - what are they and how much does it cost?


Basal implants are stomatological  implantology  where the installation of special tooth implants with simultaneous prostheses installation, if a patient has atrophied bony tissue. This method was created about 30 years ago and until the present time has been used successfully. But as it needs a high-skilled doctor, it can not be such a massive method as for instance, classical implantation; however it has some advantages in front of it.


Comparison of classical (two-level) and basal (one level) implantation.


Performance comparison

Basal implantation

Two-level implantation

Bone tissue level

≥ 4 mm

≥ 8-9 mm

Installation term after tooth pulling

for one operation; immediately after pulling

in 1,5 - 3 months

Bone tissue filling up

not required

necessary, if bone level is ≤ 8mm

Tooth prosthesis installation

for 3-4 days after implant installation

minimum in 4 months on the bottom jaw and 6 months on the upper jaw after an implant installation

Edentia characteristics

are not used under single defects, possible  under the loss of ≥ 3-units

used under the full edentia and single defects

Treatment terms

≤ 7  days until the full recovery

4-16 months until the full recovery


used by smokers

not used by smokers

Age limits



Specialist’s qualification

High-level basal implantology, specially trained

available under the proper certification

Treatment cost

≈ 50% of the price of a two-level implantation

more expensive than basal one, as it requires more materials and surgical interventions