Today patients know about aesthetic stomatology opportunities and expect that under the treatment aesthetics issues will be taken into account. Aesthetic stomatology plays the key role in feeling of well-being strengthening, emotional stability, impressure them by other people, success at work and mutual relations. Under the influence of both books and mass media, spurred on the desire for better life, patients look for dentists who are able to give five-star aesthetic treatment.

Nowadays nobody will be surprised by the tooth implantation. Some years ago that procedure was open only for the privileged because of high price and small quantity of implantation equipment. The time constantly develops and does not stay on one place.

Esthetic dental prosthetics. Prosthetics on implants, including bioinert constructions. All kinds of parodontological splinting. Making removable dentures with partial absence of teeth. Making removable dentures with full absence of teeth. Esthetic teeth contouring.


This is the area of dentistry that deals with issues, related to the disease of the gums and oral mucosa.

Periodontology includes diagnosis and treatment, and prevention of diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and periodontal disease.

Qualitative diagnosis plays a crucial role during the dental treatment, such as dental implants, dentistry, orthodontics, orthopedics, paradontology. One of the newest methods is computerized tomography among the methods of diagnosis.

Teeth implantation – operation, involving the installation of a titanium pin, which acts as an artificial tooth root. Later this "root" is used as a support for the crown. Dental implants are used in case of loss of natural teeth, regardless of their number. Note that even the absence of one or more teeth entails a number of serious problems: the displacement of the dentition, the occurrence of periodontal disease and gum disease, a change in facial features and its asymmetry. Select an individual method for implanting help our newest modern equipment - a special computer tomograph. In the 3D measurement, this procedure will help to choose the conditions of operation, suitable for you. And also will determine the size of the implants and even help the surgeon - implantologist schematically install them before your surgery.