About computer tomography

Qualitative diagnosis plays a crucial role during the dental treatment, such as dental implants, dentistry, orthodontics, orthopedics, paradontology. One of the newest methods is computerized tomography among the methods of diagnosis.

This method of investigation is based on a study of three-dimensional images of the jaw bone and surrounding areas on the basis of which the construction of three-dimensional model of the surveyed object.

Using this method in dentistry provides an opportunity to get an unlimited amount of information regarding the condition of the teeth and the bone around them, in order to apply it in the following areas:

  • Implantology - Dental implants is a highly complex task, for which the diagnostic accuracy is particularly important. Reliable information about this provides an opportunity to prevent a number of complications of treatment.
  • Endodontics - quality sealing and minimize complications of treatment are largely dependent on the accuracy of determining the length, shape, number of root canals.
  • Periodontics - CT method is used to diagnose the level of destruction of bone tissue, as well as the presence of pathological bone pockets around the teeth.
  • orthodontia - CT is used to determine the optimal direction of movement of the teeth in order to achieve the desired result in a short time.


Dental clinic «Praktika» is equipped with the appropriate equipment that allows making modern computer diagnostics in the separate areas of the mouth, and all teeth and jaws in the three-dimensional image. Quality of treatment after the diagnosis is in a digital high level.


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