This field of stomatology that takes care of issues connected with gums diseases and mucous tunic of mouth.

Periodontology includes diagnostics and treatment and also preventive measures such diseases as gingivitis, periodontitis and parodontosis.

Any disease of parodontosis causes loss of tooth that is why the main task  that  a doctor-parodontologist sets himself/herself  is a patient’s  tooth maintenance procedure  and  prevention increasing  the disease the chronic form.


VECTOR-therapy is a new step in periodontology

VECTOR system from German company Durr Dental is used in our clinic.

The current system allows practically painless:


 - to relief phlogistic phenomenon of periodontium;

 - to reduce pathologic dental pocket;

 - to reduce tooth loosening;

 - to increase the level of gums fastening;

 - to increase the remission term of disease;

 - take prophylactic measures of peri-implant pathology.


Vector system concept


is as follows. By the stream of finally divided suspension of the powder hydroxyapatite affected by ultrasonic energy a periodontist deletes sub-gingival deposits, infected granulating tissue, and microbial biofilms. In such a case endotoxins (microbial products) are washed, gingival pockets are carefully processed.


If such diseases as inflammation: bleeding  under tooth brushing, swelling and gums reddening and also  tooth loosening  and bad smell from the mouth worry you, ultra sound system Vector will help you!


Plasm lifting in stomatology (Plasmodent): effective treatment of periodontal diseases. 

Plasm lifting is an injectable use of platelet-rich plasma that provides with the opportunity to modulate and speed up anagenesis. The current method is used successfully in our clinic under treatment of health problems.