Surgical dentistry

Nowadays nobody will be surprised by the tooth implantation. Some years ago that procedure was open only for the privileged because of high price and small quantity of implantation equipment. The time constantly develops and does not stay on one place.

At present a great number of clinics propose to fix implants and it is really a good and sometimes the only way out from an existing situation with teeth. But unfortunately scarcely ever bony tissue of jaw is in the mint condition, especially if teeth have been absent for a long period of time or at the time of their pulling there was some after troubles. But there is no reason for disappointment! Our clinic can propose you different solution in such difficult situations for you.

There are some implant systems in our arsenal from luxury to budget ones. In addition, there is unique system of basal implants from Swiss producer that are used in particularly complex incidents. Well, if you were said that implantation was impossible, do not worry but come to us for consultation and WE will try to help you!