Therapeutic dentistry

Aesthetic stomatology


Today patients know about aesthetic stomatology opportunities and expect that under the treatment aesthetics issues will be taken into account. Aesthetic stomatology plays the key role in feeling of well-being strengthening, emotional stability, impressure them by other people, success at work and mutual relations. Under the influence of both books and mass media, spurred on the desire for better life, patients look for dentists who are able to give five-star aesthetic treatment.


Caries treatment  


On present-day stomatology caries treatment has not been lead to infected tissues erosion and defect filling with dental restoration material for a long time. Latter-day sealants are even not called as “sealants, but “restorations” because they replace not only the lost part of a tooth but similar in form, colour and microrelief (mounts, holes, fissures and other details of the surface). A tooth that was restored in such a manner looks perfectly healthy and never been treated before. It should be added that modern restoration materials by their strength and stability to pressure are very close to dental enamel qualities. And material cohesive power with tooth tissue is associated with tooth strength by breaking. Thus, modern restorations fall-out has become rareness today.


Pulpitis treatment


If curiosity went too far that touched neurovascular tooth bundle (known as “nerve”), there is a necessity of root canal treatment: all-to-common nerve extraction with the following canals filling. Here, the bottom line that determines treatment success and its long-term results is the quality of root-canals filling. Now at determining canals length a doctor uses such sizes as 0, 5 mm this or other way. Only such high accuracy of manipulations can give both a doctor and a patient some assurance that devitalized tooth (without a nerve) will serve faithfully and loyally without any sufferings and troubles. Taking into account that modern technologies many times over (practically any number of times) let replace old and worn dental prothesises and fillings, it is borne in upon the importance of good and firm foundation that is skillfully filled canal.


Periodontitis treatment


Periodontitis treatment (including earlier treated canals) Unfortunately, it is frequently to be bumped into situations when either on a doctor’s guilt or a patient’s one who has not seeked medical piece of advice in time either in consequence of earlier canals filling it appears a toothache, it hurts when biting, vapidly responds to coldness, appears indicative feeling “grown tooth”, bad smell and other periodentitis symptoms - inflammation of an apex. There is no worth taking the trouble to pull a tooth: there is the whole line of medications and methods that allow treating and keeping such teeth in modern endodontic treatment.


Aesthetic restoration, teeth form and colour correction


As mentioned above, the basis of modern tooth restorative treatment is aesthetic restoration based on the reconstruction of tooth natural forms, their colour structure, transparency and other optical physical features. In other words the materials allow not only  reconstruct the form of partly lost teeth but change the colour , style and position having correcting and hiding tooth line defect. At the same time, as a rule, they stay alive keeping their natural structure and features continuing taking part in metabolic process in the oral cavity. We pay a special attention to dental diseases preventive measures. Before starting the treatment it is recommended to do professional teeth cleaning using an ultrasound headpiece (scaler), a dental brusher and special polishers including Air flow. By means of a scaler   hard supra-gingival and sub-gingival dental deposits are left, polishers polish a tooth surface, tooth deposit is cleaned up with the help of Air flow apparatus. After hygienic procedures teeth become clean, well-conditioned, gingival tissues turn to be rose-pink colour. Oral hygiene improvement redounds to gingival tissues recovery. Bad breath and bleeding gums do not bother you anymore. Also, after cleaning, we use different applications that contain fluoro that let us reduce   enamal sensibility to coldness increase its hardness and caries opposition. Using such professional whitening as Beyond Polus by means of the lamp gives the opportunity to present a really white smile to our patient. Medical treatment is obliged to be held under the local anesthesia. Foreign anesthetics of arctician line are used for it. Such kinds of anesthetics can be used in the pediatric dentistry, pregnant and feeding mothers. The medication has been packed into carpules that are used only one time.


Under the filling of dental decay cavity composite materials of luminous hardening ( helio and light composites) are used. We use world leaders’ production: the USA, Germany and Japan. According to their physical and chemical characteristics these materials are very close to the dental enamel. After recycling in dental decay cavity a filling of such material is fixed on special adhesive glue that allows a doctor receiving better marginal fit that significantly extends the service life of the filling. Colour grade is given to every material - a filling can be chosen by a tooth colour. Using of composite materials of light cure allows us not only to fill small decay cavities but make artistic restoration of strongly destroyed teeth.


Artistic restoration is a good alternative to single crowns prosthesis including ceramic metal ones. Advantages: tooth tissues are kept maximally including treatment time decreasing. The obligatory rule is Rubber Dum system uses whereby the whole isolation a tooth from gums, saliva and soft breath of a patient that greatly extend the service life of filling material.  Under using Rubber Dam system a patient  receives  a comfortable treatment  as different “bad “ by smell and taste  filling materials  that  are used  in the treatment and misses a patient’s oral cavity.


Under the treatment of complicated tooth decay (pulpitis and periodontitis) we use in-the-canal ( endodontal) instruments  of the world leading  producers and also a microscope. Working with root canals a new intellectual endodontal system Mtwo is used. It allows reprocessing root canals in a qualitative manner.


Working with root canals we use apex locators of the latest generation that allows us to determine root ends position faultlessly.


Root tooth canals are filled with filling materials and gutta-percha point’s use. All manipulations in tooth canals are led under radiovisiography control.